Oud: A Special Fragrance with Seductive Aroma

With time, the material, and its source, agarwood, became a deep part of middle eastern culture, with the quality of the fragrance being seen as a mark of status. As its use and demand continues to grow, so too do costs, as the natural form of oud and its agarwood sources are very hard to come by.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is that oud is a scent unlike any other. It is noted for being pungent, containing a musky, deep woodsy that has made its way into many perfumeries. The popularity of Oud is owed to that strong scent that, while not to everyone’s taste, provides an instant fragrance that continues to draw attention.

As the popularity of oud continues to increase day by day, the demand for agarwood will as well. Oud fragrance is comprised of many diverse aspects. It is simultaneously pungent, yet very pleasing, invoking warm, smoky notes with taste of dampened wood. Although subtlety blended with touches of floral and fruit, the predominant scent is musky and sensual.

Arabian Oud Perfume

When oud is used in a perfume composition, it is usually a base note, which tends to remain on the skin long after the others dissipate. Since oud forms the perfume’s foundation, base notes are very strong, heavy and long-lasting. They serve to improve the scent of other ingredients; and, in some cases, they impart a fragrance all their own. While most wood notes are known for their earthy qualities, Oud gives a pleasant sweet scent and is often featured in a synthetic version because it is so very expensive to harvest.

Arabian Oud - an exquisite essential oil has countless applications that range from spiritual to therapeutic and medicinal. It is often associated with harmony, serenity of spirit and when applied regularly, the removal of destructive and negative energies in the home. A highly effective aid for meditation, it is also known to improve mental clarity and ease neurotic and obsessive behavior.

In the Middle East, both men and women burn Oud wood chips to scent their homes and their clothes. The strong and exquisite fragrance of Oud is a precious, rare and stunning gift of nature that when blended with other essential oils creates an olfactory experience that permeates any environment with a sense of luxury and exceptional comfort.

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An expensive ingredient of a perfumer’s palette, oud is said to be the first pure incense found on earth. Oud has a deep woody scent that persists and evolves over the whole day. At Perfume Arabia, we offer you the best collection of Arabian Oud fragrances, only found in the Arabian Gulf. Contact us today to know more about our best Arabian fragrances and feel the magic of natural scents.

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