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Arabian Bakhoor Oud Fragrances

Bakhoor – the luxurious scent is known for being the premier frangrance in Arabian homes and surroundings. Bakhoor refers to the wood chips that are soaked in fragrant Oud oils. Bakhoor must be burned fully to release its woody sweet smelling aroma.

Enjoy the aroma of our Arabian Oud, bakhoor- the name given to agarwood chips that have been soaked with fragrances like jasmine and sandalwood to soften the heavy scents, or amber and citrus essential oils to add sweet crisp notes. Perfume yourself and your surroundings with one of the Best Arabian Oud Fragrances. Experience pleasant fragrance with pure Bakhoor perfumes with us!

The burning of Bakhoor is generally done by using a charcoal placed in a Mabkhera, which an Arabic word, meaning "the fumer" refers to the Arabian incense burner. At Perfume Arabia, we are offering you other ways to burn incense, such as using the electric bakhoor incense burner. Explore our wide range of Bakhoor Oud Incense online.

Enhance Your Ambience with Bakhoor Incense

Bakhoor incense is essentially wood chips that have been submerged in quality perfume oils with the addition of other natural ingredients like resin, sandalwood, and essential oils. Bakhoor is very popular in the Middle East over any other region and it is preferred because it is diverse and is available in several varieties so as to suit the fragrance needs of many. Bakhoor perfume is available in a wide range of aromas and you most likely will find one to your liking. Shop Bakhoor Perfumes today!

Bakhoor is an important part of the Arabic culture and is a component that is being known to the rest of the world. Bakhoor can be found in the forms of chips, blocks, and balls or in a chocolate shape. Burning Bakhoor Incense is a sound and safe alternative to chemical air fresheners. The aroma improves the sleep quality, lowers systolic blood pressure, relieves stress and anxiety. Enjoy our smokey collection of Arabian Incense online.

The highly-prized ingredient of a perfumer’s palette, oud is the first pure incense found on the earth. Derived from dark resin found in the trunk of centuries old Aquilaria trees, this unique perfume has a cultural and religious significance dating back to ancient civilisations. Oud has a deep woody fragrance that persists and evolves over the whole day. Shop Best Arabian Oud Fragrance today! Pick the traditional Arabian Oud Perfume with us!

The Art of Arabian Oud Perfume

At Perfume Arabia, we source and uniquely blend the Arabian Oud Perfumes in the world. Our highly trained and dedicated team of world renowned perfumers and bottle designers promise perfection in every blend. Using their wealth of experience, they combine exquisite ingredients in designer bottles. Shop Bakhoor Perfumes with us and feel the difference. Immerse yourself in the Best Arabian Oud Fragrance collection with experts on hand to help you find the perfect Arabian fragrance.

Bakhoor Types

Natural Oud

Wood chips have different types of fragrances that are unique and do not smell like perfume. These fragrances differ from one another due to the aromatic qualities of agarwood. Natural oud wood chips are burnt as they naturally are. This type of Bakhoor Oud incense is expensive as these are rare.

Loose Bakhoor Incense

Loose fine bakhoor incense is made by the shavings of Agarwood, mixed with natural resins such as Arabic gums, mystic, and aromatic stones. The mixture is then perfused with either natural essential oil or fragrance oil.

Soaked Bakhoor Oud

Soaked Bakhoor Oud is the combination of the natural Bakhoor Oud and the Scented Bakhoor Oud wood. The specialty of this unique technique in preparing bakhoor appears when the oud wood chip is placed on a charcoal.

Bakhoor Incense Sticks

Arabian incense sticks are made with punsticks and fragrant oil. Agarwood is soaked in the fragrant oil, processed, then grounded to be shaped into stick form. Bakhoor incense can simply be burned with a lighter and placed far away from anything that can catch fire.

Whether you are looking for a pure woody, fresh, floral or oriental fragrance, our Arabian Incense range will surprise you. Inhale the inviting Arabian Oud Perfumes with us! Browse our extensive range of Arabian Incense today!