Bakhoor Incense: Fill Your Home with Luxurious Fragrances

Bakhoor is considered as one of the most popular perfumes in the Middle East and its essence is now spreading all over the globe. The best way to describe bakhoor is that it is essentially wood chips that have been submerged in perfume oils along with other natural ingredients like sandalwood, resin and essential oils.

Bakhoor is an essential part of the Arabic culture and besides, it is very diverse and can accommodate a variety of tastes and preferences. Bakhoor comes in the form of chips, blocks or balls.

The Bakhoor home fragrance can be found in a wide range of aromas. You will most likely be able to find a fragrance that you love. The most common fragrances are woody and earthy such as Sandalwood, Amber and Oud.

Difference between Oud and Bakhoor
The terms Oud and Bakhoor are sometimes used inter-changeably but there are differences between the two. Oudh is primarily wood chips harvested from the Agarwood tree. It undergoes minimal processing and is used in its purest form.

Bakhoor Incense
Bakhoor is also wood chips, however, they do not have an inherent aroma as they get their fragrance from being soaked in various perfume oils. So the Arabian bakhoor comes in a wide range of fragrances. Bakhoor can also contain Oud in the form of attar or perfume oil. Bakhoor gemerally appears oily because of the presence of aromatic compounds and oils imparted synthetically.

If you are looking to buy Bakhoor incense online, it is important to buy high quality Bakhoor for the most exquisite experience In most cases, bakhoor is used during special occasions such as weddings, or simply for relaxing purposes. In Arabian culture, it is a traditional gesture to pass bakhoor among guests, so they can scent their hair, clothing and hands.

The Bukhoor is usually burned in a traditional incense burner called Mabkhara. To burn bakhoor at home, you need bakhoor chips, incense burner or mabkhara and charcoal discs. Put charcoal disk inside the incense burner.

Apply fire to the plate till you see sparkles crossing the coal. Soon, you will observe gray ash over the top which means the disc is already hot enough to put bakhoor on it.

Now place the aromatic bakhoor on disc and you are ready to experience the sweet bakhoor aroma.

Many people nowadays use electrical bakhoor incense burners because they are faster and safer to use.

Choose Luxurious Bakhoor Incense Online
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