Sugar Musk Perfume
Sugar Musk Spray
Sugar Musk Perfume

Sugar Musk Perfume

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e50ml 1.67 Fl.Oz

This Musk Perfume is a customer favorite in our Arabic Perfume, aka Arabian Perfume, Lineup. It contains a mixture of pure musk with a sweet and light sugar scent.

Spritz this Musk perfume right after the shower for an uplifting aroma, or for when you need a sweet refreshing feeling. Its fresh, sweet yet discrete, perfect also for an intimate setting.

Top notes: Violet, Rose, Jasmine
Heart: Amber, iris, and caramel
Base: Musk, cedar wood, honey


Arabian Perfume

What is Arabian Perfume?

Arabian Perfume, which is also known as Arabic perfume, enchants by its fascinating scents of Jasmin, Musk, Amber and Oud.

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