Vanilla Musk Perfume
Vanilla Musk Perfume

Vanilla Musk Perfume

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This Musk Perfume is a customer favorite in our Arabic Perfume, aka Arabian Perfume, Lineup. It combines a mixture of pure musk with attractive vanilla scent.  

Spritz this Vanilla Musk Perfume right after the shower for an uplifting aroma, or for when you need a sweet refreshing feeling. Its fresh, sweet yet discrete, perfect also for an intimate setting.

Musk has sensual qualities that are superb at balancing other ingredients and also helps into fix them, allowing the resulting fragrance to last longer. The calmness and subtleness of Arabian musk make it suitable for all occasions such as formal meetings, weddings, and celebrations.

Top Notes: Rose, jasmine, birch
Heart: Amber, iris, cedar wood
Base Notes: Musk, vanilla, tonka bean


Musk is a popular base note in modern perfumes. The base note always appears after the top note has already evaporated, and it works together with the middle note to make a fuller fragrant experience. This note stays in your skin for several hours, making you smell good the whole day.

Women who choose musk perfumes are characterized by its sophistication and femininity. Men who pick musk fragrances are always expressed by boldness and independence. It is worn and favored by those who share the qualities of warmness, sensuality, strength, and completeness. Originally comprised of glandular secretions from the abdomen of the musk deer, this base note is also derived from both synthetic and other natural sources like plants.

Musk Perfume Application

It is very important to apply the right quantity of Arabic fragrances. If using Musk in its oil form, apply only a small generous amount of your favorite Vanilla Musk Perfume to areas of the pulse point like behind your ears, your wrists, on your neck and behind your knees . Your choice of the musk note base will define how you will smell later on during the day, particularly when the base notes emerge and settle. Vanilla has a creamy, warm, comforting, yet also slightly exotic scent. It is a gourmand, intertwined with food flavoring, but a good vanilla perfume has more complexity than a vanilla cookie or vanilla ice cream smell. Scientific research has also shown it is a calming and universally pleasant scent. Place your order now! Feel fresh with the Best Vanilla Musk Perfume. Beyond sensuality, vanilla is famous in perfume industry because it augments a wide variety of other fragrance notes, from fruity to spicy. Baby perfume, rice powder or fresh sheets… it is quite hard to resist musk fragrance. Browse our wide range of Arabian musk collection today! Shop Best Vanilla Musk Perfume with us! Smell amazing with the unique Arabian fragrance. Go through our latest collection, find the one that you like by looking at the notes.

Where Does Musk Come From?

Musk is obtained from the musk pod, a gland in the pouch of skin under the abdomen of the male musk deer. Musk is extracted in the form of a semi-liquid, but it dries into a grainy powder.

When extracted, the smell of musk isn't exactly enticing. First, it needs to be soaked for months, which is why natural musk perfume is rare and expensive — particularly as musk deer are now a rare and protected species.

If you want someone to notice you in the crowd or make a lasting impression on your date, our Vanilla Musk Perfume is the antidote. Experience mind-blowing touch of fragrance with our best vanilla musk perfume collection. Buy now!

Arabian Perfume

What is Arabian Perfume?

Arabian Perfume, which is also known as Arabic perfume, enchants by its fascinating scents of Jasmin, Musk, Amber and Oud.

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