Things You Might Be Doing Wrong While Wearing Arabic Perfumes

Were you just beginning to enjoy an oriental scent on you when it began to fade away? Yes, some perfumes can just fade away too quickly. This certainly does not mean that your perfume was not good but sometimes lighter notes tend to have that result. You just have to wear it correctly to make it last longer.

Wearing a perfume is like an art. You should know how to use it properly to get the impact you are looking for. Every perfume has a top note, a base note, and a heart note. Usually, two notes mix together to create the fragrance. It is always better if you test the perfumes and then see how the notes kick in to suit you.

But if you are buying Arabian perfume online, then you can always read about the notes before buying. Besides, after purchasing the perfume if you want to take full advantage of it by creating the right impact then you have to spray it properly.

Here are 3 things that you might be doing wrong while spraying the perfumes:

Spraying the perfume too close
Do you notice your skin getting wet from the perfume you are using? Then, you are doing it all wrong. You have to maintain a little distance while spraying even the luxury perfumes, preferably at least 3-6 inches.

Arabian Perfume
Rubbing It All Over
Most people make the mistake of rubbing the perfume after spraying. This friction that is caused by rubbing heats up the skin, producing natural enzymes which can crush the notes and change the composition of the notes. So, the impact is compromised.

Don’t Go Overboard
Another thing that you must avoid is going overboard with your perfume. You might like a fragrance but do not use all of it in one day. Almost all Arabian perfumes, tend to create a lasting impact with a very little amount. And if it is a light fragrance that you might want to enhance, you can always layer it with perfume oils.

Arabic perfume is not just a bottle of liquid fragrances. They are the heady combination of luxurious bespoke Arabic heritage and the magical oriental charm. These fragrances are not only long-lasting but feel so natural and elegant that you remain in the most positive mind always.

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