Smell Uniquely Devine with Arabian Oud Perfumes

Oud is all about luxury, depth and spiciness. This unique fragrance has been used for thousands of years across various cultures.

Oud is considered as one of the priciest raw fragrance ingredients on the earth. This amazing ingredient comes from the tropical Agar tree known to thrive in the Middle East. When mould infects the Agar tree, that's when the tree creates a dense, dark, and fragrant resin—all in an effort to protect itself. The resin is then embedded in the tree, becoming the rich source of Oud.

A highly valued and luxurious fragrance, Oud is considered a delight for many. That’s why, there are countless rich oud perfumes out there. Oud is highly treasured by perfumers worldwide due its sweet, woody and aromatic fragrance. Many perfumers use agarwood essential oil under the name "oudh" or "oud."

What does Arabian Oud Perfume Smell Like?

Since oud comes from trees, the smell will vary based on the tree. The smell of oud is described as a sweet and woody that's a bit smoky. Oud is a distinct fragrance with an intense and seductive aroma. Its olfactory profile is bound to get you noticed, while its woody smell is rich with nuances, ranging from earthy, sweet, to spicy fragrances.

Arabian Oud Perfume

Oud fragrance is considered as the powerful seduction tool. Not only does it make the wearer feel more attractive, but it also acts as a carnal catalyst. Oud fragrance is quite soothing and fancy, believed to have arousing properties.

Arabian Oud Perfume

Those who have used the oud perfume fragrance claim that the richness of the aroma gives mysterious allure. It is, without a doubt, full of character while at the same time maintaining some floral notes.

Perfumes have always been a superb way for an individual to express themselves, a sign of their unique personality. Arabian Oud Perfume offers a different way to be noticed and admired. Nothing makes a bold statement like oud fragrance. Oud always stands out in a crowd.

Smell uniquely divine all day long with pure Arabian Oud fragrance. No matter where you are, you will feel fresh and energetic at night as you do during the day.

Choose Arabian Oud Fragrance Online

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