Bakhoor: The Mysterious Oud Fragrance

Oud bakhoor is considered as one of the best natural fragrances in the world. Derived from the heartwood of the Agarwood, the Oud Bakhoor is the wooden chip which is uniquely fragrant and burnt over the burners that are powered with electricity or coals.

The powerful fragrance of Bakhoor is complex and pleasing. In the perfume form, the fragrance is mostly distinguished by a combination of “oriental-woody” and “soft fruity-floral” notes. The bakhoor incense is distinguished by a “balsamic” note and “shades of vanilla and musk”.

For a more “worldly” benefit, you should consider the benefits that Bakhoor has when it comes to relieving the feelings of stress and anxiety that we all experience at some points in our lives.

Research shows that the fragrance of bakhoor directly affects the central nervous system. The sweet bakhoor fragrance helps in relieving feelings of stress and anxiety, which is why it is famous as a superior household fragrance.

So, when you come back from your hectic work schedule, use top quality bakhoor to inspire those feelings of calm that you so desire. You will find that it is superb when used as part of your night-time routine. Using some bakhoor before bed helps you to prepare your body for quality sleep, which means you won’t find yourself tossing and turning for hours.

Bakhoor Oud

The reason behind why bakhoor is being used in the Middle East by all men and women is because of its long-lasting fragrance. With different types of bakhoor available in the market, people can get fragrance of their own choice the way they want to smell and feel.

Most men and women from Middle East lit a bakhoor in their room before they go to take a shower and after that they stand near the smoke rising from the burner to soak in all the pleasant fragrance of bakhoor that way you get more natural side of a scent.

How is Bakhoor used?

Generally, bakhoor is placed in a traditional incense burner -Mabkhara. A charcoal disc is then lit with fire and placed in the Mabkhara. Once the charcoal starts burning, a small piece of bakhoor is placed on top of it. As the charcoal slowly burns, it heats the bakhoor and the fragrant smoke is dispersed throughout the environment. Nowadays, many people use electrical bakhoor incense burners because they are faster and safer to use.

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